Friday, 8 May 2009

kate moss and mario sorrenti

in their early modelling days, Seventeen magazine September 1992


kate by mario sorrenti for CK Obsession campaign, 1993

mario by kate moss

the times when these two were a couple, start of Kate´s way to stardom and Mario´s career as a photographer (he used to be a model before)

P.S. who knew that kate is so talented (and mario was looking so good)!

life magazine, channel4,


Markét a Tereza said...

Kate je na těch fotkách tak mlaďounká, vypadá jako holčička! A on byl teda fakt moc hezkej!

sarah said...

I love KM. She was so beautiful when she was young...and still is.

quelle said...

what a great time warp. always loved kate moss. these are great finds.

ray said...

oooooohhh thank you for sharing ealry mario by kate

have never seen before!