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A stylist who is half Spanish and half British, mixing good British taste and Andalusian heat, Vanessa works this LOOK and others with the same conviction: feeling good and freedom above all.

A Woman: She settled in Paris two years ago to work with Marie-Amelie Sauve, an editor who’s pointed tastes provide campaigns with the best names in fashion. With a degree in French, Spanish and cinema, from the University of Edinburgh, it was during a year sabbatical that Vanessa Reid began to assist a photographer – and caught the fashion bug. She divides her life between her 1st arrondissement apartment in Paris and her studio in Portobello, although her return tickets often show regular stopovers in New York and California.

A Style: “My style? It depends on (or corresponds to) the environment I am in. Sometimes I’d rather wear urban jungle clothes, sometimes I’d rather be undressed with flowers in my hair if I am in the outdoors”. In any case, Vanessa Reid would rather look at all dimensions of designers – Balenciaga, Martin Margiela, Anne Demeulemeester, Comme des Garcons – who have the best ready-to-wear. With one absolute rule: it has to feel good and be durable. “I like pieces that you can keep beyond the trend of the season. I don’t buy anything because it is the hit of the moment, but because I believe in the clothing.
Another principle: mix your pieces, a feminine top with a masculine pant. Current taboo? “Jeans. But, it’s a question of mood … I will surely return to them”.

Q.G (I think this refers to favourite stores) In Paris, the vintage store Brigitte on Crusoll Street, and in London, One of a Kind. “It’s an absolute paradise, run by Jeff, a guy who has more class than the whole of the United Kingdom.

Fetishes: Lingerie: “It’s the look under the look: I spend more time choosing my lower parts than on anything else”, explains Vanessa, more of a follower of the effects of silk and lace than of the basic neutrality of white cotton or the ease of string. Where to find: Carine Gilson in Paris, “the haute couture of underwear”, Jean Yu in New York, and in London, Underneath Margo at Coco du Mer – but also Agent Provocateur.

Accessories: An oversized Balenciaga bag, which carries her three iPods, a Blackberry, vintage Cutler and Gross sunglasses, and a Hermes makeup case. Also, Alaia and Jill Sander shoes, and jewellery – “as chunky as possible: it’s my Latin side”. She wears an amulet, an Andalusian medal of the Virgin given by her grandfather. “It supposedly saved his life by stopping a bull’s horn”, she explains as she lights a cigarette, sitting in front of green salad and a quart of San Pelligrino at Alfredo Positano. “But I love everything that suggests Naila de Montbrison, in Paris, or the mind-blowing zodiac rings from Solange Azagury Partridge in London.

Evening: “It’s more of a question of attitude, otherwise the concept is the same”. “Fluid materials, silk or other muslin, whatever has the honour, but the mood, it remains the same: lighthearted and amusing.

Beauty: All her products are certified organic - Jurlique Pure Rose Water spray and Dr. Hauschka’s daily Rose Cream, and Ren oils for hands and body. For makeup, only Cle du Peau mascara, because, after all, “the eyes really are worthy of it, because they are supposed to be the mirror to the heart”. Her beauty recipe? “A bottle from Vina Ardanza, the best Rioja (wine) today, and a sleepless night with my boyfriend”.

Escapes: In Seville countryside, the San Rafael Hacienda - “Sublime” - , hidden away in the middle of an olive-wood and covered with bougainvilliers (flowers). Once a year, at least, Africa: Botswana for its nature and safaris, Mozambique for “its unimaginable beaches”, and Swaziland for House on Fire, a sort of Medici Villa dedicated to theatre, dance and music and that gathers musicians from all over the world to play world music. “I’ve never heard anything like it elsewhere”.

Hobbies: Cooking in general, and Honeycomb ice with honey from the restaurant J. Sheekey especially. Raymond Carver novels (for their worldly chaos) and John Fante books (for his ability to put humour in extreme situations). But also movies (Almodovar, Lynch, Wong Kar-wai…) and the exhibitions of the Gagosian Gallery at the Tate Modern. Also Scottish whiskey, with one condition: it being really good.

Elegance?: Everyone has their own Paradise. Everyone has their way of wearing clothes. Foch Street is not the privilege of the chic. It’s what is in fashion but also your attitude: since you have to get dressed every day, you might as well make it fun.

une fille un stylle from vogue paris is currently my greatest source of inspiration and not only stylewise!
what inspires you?

souce: tfs, great thanks to diorette (scans) and vikingqueen (translation)


quelle said...

she has great style! i am going to start reading vogue paris :)
i find a lot of inspiration from blogs like yours!

justbecausefashion said...

i have never listened about her (despite the fact i´m spanish) but i like her style.
Thanks a lot fr ur comment!!

Coco said...

Chtěla bych se dočkat dne, kdy se dostanu k Vogue Paris. Lehká závist, nicméně si myslím, že jsem tomuto blogu propadla natolik, že jsem nejspíš i ochotna odpustit. :)

Markét a Tereza said...

Vogue Paris má opravdu skvělou úroveň a je hrozně inspirativní (ještě vedle britské Elle), Carine Roitfeld je fakt dost dobrá! Já hledám inspiraci právě v těhle časopisech a taky v tý tuně blogů, kterou pravidelně čtu:-) T

Ania said...

very stylish indeed!

I'm inspired by my mood, which is influenced by everything: weather, books, blogs, films, paintings...