Sunday, 7 February 2010

Walt said that the dead turned into grass...

This is the first sentence of the book Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham.
Filled with Whitman´s poetry that the characters cite and with his spirit and philosophy that rules to their destinies and influences their secret dreams and innermost desires.
This book forced my heart to flutter because of the beauty of Whitman´s poems and Cunnigham´s words beautifully bound together here, impelled my mind to wonder if the life I´m living is the one i want to live and made me love Whitman and Cunningham even more.

Broadway would be Lucass heaven, Broadway and Catherine and the book. In his heaven he would be everything he saw and heard. He would be himself and Catherine; he would be the calliope and the lamps; he would be shoes striking pavement, and he would be the pavement under the shoes. He would ride with Catherine on the toy horse from Niedermeyers window, which would be the size of an actual horse but perfect in the way of toys, moving serenely over the cobblestones on its bright red wheels.

He said, “I am large, I contain multitudes.” A man in a topcoat, passing by, glanced at him strangely, as people did. The man would be among the angels in Lucass heaven, just as plump and prosperous as he was on earth, but in the next world he would not consider Lucas strange. In heaven, Lucas would be beautiful. Hed speak a language everyone understood.

excerpt from the book Specimen Days

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anaïs said...

Knížka je to vážně půsbivá, pro mě hlavně ta první část s chalpcem a strojem. Krásný blog, btw.