Sunday, 6 September 2009

a beautiful fall

I´m getting quite tired of seeing almost every single girl trying to copy the style of Erin (although I adore her) and that is probably also the reason why I´m drown to something more feminine and classic lately.

This is something I would love to spend my Fall in. Not too fuzzy but feminine, simple but still beautiful.

What do you all think about "trends", can they make you loath something you loved before?


Ruxandra said...

absolutly.when you see everyone wearing something that's "in", it just looks...common.the pics are so beautiful, i wish i would spend my autumn like that too.

Markét a Tereza said...

Rozhodně!!! Když je něčeho moc, tak to rozhodně není dobrý a když potkávám lidi pořád v jednom a tom samém, působí to na mě dost zoufale. Trendy jsou dobrá věc, ale musí se to s nimi umět

BB&HH said...

BB&HH is back after wildy holidays ... let's check this out !


my wonderland said...

youre right is so pretty loveevery every pice. To bad every day here is summer
I missed your blog a lot and your lovely comments glad to be back!

Forgetmenot said...

I'm really loving her collections right now!