Friday, 28 August 2009


ann-sophie back is my new favourite designer, her creations are seriously beautiful-
mix of Wang, indian princess, goth, victorian countess and Demeulemeester


Markét a Tereza said...

Úplně jsi to vystihla, ty prostřihy, materiály a barvy - úžasné! O téhle návrhářce jsem ještě nikdy neslyšela, ale jdu si hned najít její kolekce na netu:-)

Forgetmenot said...

creepie... on a fashionable way

quelle said...

the clothes are so beautiful and the models are so haunting... i'm not usually creeped out by these sorts of things so easily, but these models with their pale makeup and contacts really do the trick! haha

also wanted to mention i passed on the stylish blogger award to you! xx

miracle said...

ze by rozruch kolem twilight dobyl uz i mola? no ja nevim, to liceni se mi teda nelibi