Wednesday, 29 July 2009

days of summer

christian chaize

jonathan leder

jonathan leder

what I´m enjoying right now:

swimming, sunbathing, smell of fresh leaves and flowers, summer dresses, loads of strawberry and home-made bluberry ice-cream, pancakes almost everyday for breakfast, waiting for my vacation in Austrian Alps (can´t hardly wait!), listening to the Beach House, going to open air cinema in our town (it´s quite small - for about 700 people, next to the swimming pool and surrounded by huge popplar trees and with a great atmosphere), going to bed late to watch the stars fall and waking up early to see the sunrise (but not on the same day ;)), visiting castles and chateus - there´s one on almost every hill in this country, painting my nails with coral nail-polish, baking cinnamon rolls, hanging out with my friends, reading everything on what I lay my eyes without being biased( for example: the first thing was comics about Nietzsche and the next were True Blood and Madame Bovary), watching Mamma Mia for about seventh time with a girl friends of mine = dancing, singing and laughing, and much more...

I hope that your summer is at least as great as mine;)


quelle said...


your summer sounds awesome. for me unfortunately, i've been fighting a a cold for over 2 weeks now... but aside from that it has been quite nice. :P

Forgetmenot said...

Wow! such beautiful pictures! your summer sounds great, mine is rainy :S, at least I get to paint my nails (my school is private, so bright colored nails aren´t allowed)

my wonderland said...

IS like you read my mind or something I just posted about random summer images
yours are entirely awsome specially the second one
im adding you to my blogroll