Thursday, 11 June 2009

...and so live ever--or else swoon to death..

screencaps from the movie Bright Star

Greig Fraser (cinematographer of this movie) did a wonderful job, all scenes look like they´ve just jumped of Keats poems and his mind.

The soft light, vivid colours, the fragile beauty of nature ( you can almost smell those flowers and feel the light breeze in Fanny´s hair), intimacy and deep of their relationship - it´s all there.



my wonderland said...

Cute post!
I truly love your images, all of them!
and you header where is it from?

Paperface said...

These photos make me wish I was far away from here (here being dark and paved and forever droning with car engines).

M said...

That looks absolutely beautiful. It makes one feel nostalgic for a time one never lived.

sarah said...

Such beautiful stills, they conjour up an idealistic dreamy feeling.....lovely!