Saturday, 4 April 2009

movie costumes

from The Portrait of a Lady

from The Duchess

from My Fair Lady

from Elizabeth

from Marie Antoinette

after watching Marie Antoinette i came across wonderful site and found some gorgeous frocks, enjoy!

sources:, imdb,


Robynne said...

I love period films!!!!!!! The costumes are soo amazing. After i watch one, I always wish i lived in that era.

-fashion on edge

Shannon said...

I love Marie Atoinette! It's brilliant. I'm also totally girl crushing on Kirsten....she's rad huh?

Cassiopeia said...

sigh. love it. that 1st one is especially striking. they filmed bits of both elizabeth films in my college at uni. didn't see any of cate blanchett's costumes tho lol.


quelle said...

ah~ these are all so lovely. i watch such films and just get lost in all the clothes and set designs.